Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly TV Show on Sustainable Living in the High Country

Session Topic:
Weekly TV Show on Sustainable Living in the High Country
Name of convener:
Sue Counts
Email/Phone: 828-355-9116
Kathy Copley, Cindy Ball, Judi Scharns, Martha Erzmann, and Sue Counts

Main points from the conversation:

Group wanted a variety of programs. Welcome someone to a new idea and meet them where they are. (Be inclusive and not judgmental--aware of who you are turning off). Involve children and puppets to introduce show each week.....and WHAT will we feature today???
Group came up with about 75 topics such as: Recycling, Indoor Farmer's Market, Elkland Arts
Center (Puppet Show), Historic Preservation, Green Industry, Transportation, Food Production,
Energy Center, Youth Programs, Animal Welfare, Litter Education, Sense of Community, Value
of Tourism to the High Country, Liberty Community Parade (4th of July), Todd Mercantile, Local Farms, Farm City, Choose and Cut Program/History, Sustainable Tourism, Natural Products, "Putting Food By", Zero Waste, MountainKeepers, Conservation and Preservation of our High Country Farms and Land, Women in Agriculture Programs, Alternative Agriculture, Your Carbon Foot Print, USDA Certified Value- Added Community Kitchen, New River Organic Growers, ASU Energy Center, The Energy Audit, CSA's, 4-H Super Summer, Cove Creek Heritage Days, Wind Energy in the High Country, Maverick Farm Dinners, The Farm at Mollie's Branch, ASU Sustainable Agriculture Program and Farm, Harvesting the Mountain Herbs, Riparian Buffers and Zones, LEAD Camp for Girls, Master Gardeners, Environmental Field Day, Seed Exchange, Green Mother Goods Store, Marketing Local Authors and Cottage Industries, Entrepreneurship, The New Green Generation "Kids in the Creek", Water Conservation Projects, and many, many more.
Start date: Earth Day 2009.

Action steps:
* Continue conversations with MTN.
* Write scrips.
* Find sponsors.
* Puppets and children.
* Start Date: Earth Day 2009.

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