Monday, February 9, 2009

Environmentally Responsible Economic Sustainability

Sssion Topic:
Environmentally Responsible Economic Sustainability
Name of convener:
Jim Deal
Jim Deal, Glenda Short, Debbie Golembieski, Mark Kirkpatrick, Kathleen McFadden, Chris Joyell, Kimbe

Main points from the conversation:
Improve Environment; Emphasize Green Businesses/Entrepreneurialship; Cottage Industries;
Arts as a Business; Ecotourism/historic markers; Windmill Farms; Build and Support local
Communities; Build Green Homes: Conservation and Energy Efficient with Green Space;
Partnerships with University; Appalachian Enterprise Business Start-ups; Energy
Audits...retrofits old homes; Incentives for programs to build all building with energy efficient
considerations and water use restrictions; Interface wtih Home Builders Association Green
Building Committee; Local Foods System and year round farmer's market; Water Conservation
Issues and Study in relation to Todd Community water intake; Green spaces in planned
communities to include outdoor recreation (mountain biking, etc.); Encourage Cluster
Developments that incorporate green space and smaller lots.

Action steps:
* Funding for study and action on expanding Watauga County and the region's ecotourism-to
include trails and recreational opportunities.
* More outreach and community education from ASU Appropriate Technology and Energy
Center, etc.-better utilize University resources in our community - helping people understand the long-term savings.
* Education on many topics, expecially Green Building Certification, LEEDS, and others; tax
incentives and tax credits; developing codes for new government buildings (county & town lead by example)
* Explore and support Cottage Industries - help with startup funding.
* Encourage with incentives cluster development.
* Local government support for local food system (year-round farmer's market) and local cottage
industry retail spaces.
* Building a green collar workforce - local green businesses such as a windmill manufacturing &
* Revolving fund to loan money for green building, energy efficiency retrofits - pay back with
savings on energy costs over time.

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