Monday, February 9, 2009

Resilience is the Resource

Session Topic:
Resilience is the Resource (How do we access ourselves our skills "skills and stuff
Name of convener:
Nita O'Brien
Donna Lisenby, Debbie Golembieski, Kendal McDevitt

Main points from the conversation:
Create both on line and hard copy resource guides for the "area" (Watauga County)
Compile a list of resources which are already in use or developed or are being developed so we can support and utilize them more ie. "Craigs list", "", "Community Exchange System", "", "NC Wastetrader"
Have a local barter or system which we could exchange services and goods by lists and "green
dollar" value.
Share scrap resources which we would other wise put in the landfill, discard or burn such as
pallets. Also connect together people who could buy needed goods at more reasonable price by
buying in quantity or wholesale together.
Utilize the already existing book located in Green Mother Goods inside the door to the left where
you can put you business cards and share information about your skills.
Have a community Exchange day where you bring your "stuff" and take what you need. (Maybe
once every 2 months)
Do research and then compile a hard copy and on line resource list that can be updated as needed and ask Mountainkeepers to make this list available to it's "list" of interested folks on line.
Possibly create a recycle "job" to organize the Community Exchange day and update lists. Create
the one line and hard copy guide and keep it updated. Have it sortable for usability.

Action steps:
Research all above existing services and compile and give this to Mountainkeeper for initial
Utilize what services we have in community and educate about the resources.

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