Monday, February 9, 2009

The Intrinsic Rights of Nature in Community Decision-making

Session Topic:
The Intrinsic Rights of Nature in Community Decision-making
Name of convener:
Lumini Merced
glenda short, kate colclasar, erin singer, martha enzmann, wendy patoprsty, will kovalchik, andrea gimlin, lumini merced

Main points from the conversation:
we're a part of nature, respect for nature
change attitude from nature as commodity to survival resource to collaboration/co-creation
inspire decision-makers to protect nature in all their deliberations
speaking for nature, so nature has a voice
recognizing the intrinsic rights of nature
neighbors and tourists who don't care and who dump trash
raising awareness/education - KIDS: start early, make it cool, peer pressure
experiential activities, owning experience
"no child left inside", nature deficit disorder
- the PUBLIC: signs, eg adopt-a-street, adopt-a-stream
public television
signing pledges, eg when teenagers get their first drivers
have them sign a pledge not to litter
taking personal responsibility/ setting example
Environmental Ethics course at ASU Sustainable Development program
PACT (Protecting, Advocating, Conserving Together) has certified Wildlife Habitat project
there a list of the community assessment?

Action steps:
support and volunteer for existing organizations and new community events:
Mountain Keepers, PACT, Genesis, Headwaters Festival, Music on the Mountain
children's education: continue and support environmental awareness programs in local schools
tourist education through guided eco-walks, Visitors Centers, Chambers of Commerce
legislative policy: research legal precedents set in other communities
speak for rights of ecosystems in Town Council and County Commissioner
letter to editor

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