Monday, February 9, 2009

Coalition Building

Session Topic:
Coalition Building
Name of convener:
Ryan Griffith
Participants: / 828 258 8737
Judith Pheonix, Deborah Tallarino, Bunk Spann, Jack Callahan, Will Kovalchik, Melissa Hanson, Rob

Main points from the conversation:
1. Networking between all groups and form 1 umbrella group, i.e. RiverKeepers, Partners for
Watauga Future, App Voices, etc.
2. Not reinventing the wheel.
3. Larger coalition of all groups.
4. Community is more than the sum of its parts; build a strong community of people.
5. Breaking down barriers between groups.
6. Sharing skill needs.
7. Networking meetings.

Action steps:
1. Develop Board of Directors for umbrella group.
2. Collective calendar of group events.
3. Quarterly meeting of groups to discuss events and post to collective calendar.
4. Collective e-mail address.
5. Create Google list serve.
6. Volunteer Staff:
7. Calendar / Coffee hour / Quarterly.

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