Monday, February 9, 2009

Creating and conserving healthy water systems

Session Topic:
Creating and conserving healthy water systems
Name of convener:
Wendy and Andrea
Donna Lisenby, Donna Duke, Crystal Simmons, Erin Singer, Kristin Cockerill, Wendy Patoprsty,
Andrea G

Main points from the conversation:
Storm Water
Waste water Land application systems
Pharmaceuticals in Water
Sustainable Water Use

Action steps:
Storm Water:
develop ordinance concerning storm-water runoff and reuse/building code
find models from other mountain communities
financial sustainability for the new storm water solutions i.e. creating jobs and funding
educate contractors
Waste water Land Application System
Support State Law concerning a change in the 100,000 gallon per day withdrawl for private entities
Educate citizens concerning the reporting of massive water withdrawl from their streams and
creeks in their communities.
Use "purple piping" technology to create a new system which would redistribute and recycle
treated water from the WWTP to use on golf courses/ski resorts etc... and as a result creating
green jobs for a more sustainable community.
Pharmaceuticals in the water
create a take-back protocol
research drug company programs, if any
media campaign to educate and address: pharmaceutocals are bad in our water, don't flush them, use take-back program if available.
Sustainable Water Use:
not allowing water infrastructure to generate urban sprawl
get a statistical study or analysis of how various water conservation measures can conserve water.
exactly "how much" water can be conserved by what means. (if everyone had to install a dual
flush toilet how much water would be conserved and how much would it cost and who would pay
for it and compare to other alternatives)

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