Monday, February 9, 2009

Healthy Individuals, Healthy Interdependence, Healthy Communities.

Session Topic:
Healthy Individuals, Healthy Interdependence, Healthy Communities.
Name of convener:
Deborah Tallarico
Jo Ann Orr, Crystal Simmons, Patrick Beville, Deborah Tallarico

Main points from the conversation:
*The concept of resiliency originates with people in their ability to overcome hardship. Studies
conducted on individuals in community going through difficult times recognized 40 "protective
factors" that contributed to their resiliency. Some of these factors include personal attributes, the
environment, spiritual attributes, and parental involvement. The number one contributing factor
to resiliency for an individual is to have at least one consistent caring adult in their life.
- more information on this research can be found by googling : resiliency and protective factors
*The individual being is a microcosm for the macrocosm of community. As we individually create
health/ sustainability within and around ourselves, we contribute to the health/sustainability and
well-being of our community.
*Integrative medicine (allopathic medicine in conjuntion with complimentary, alternative , and
world cultural health practices) is seen and experienced as a holistic factor contributing to
individual and community sustainability and resiliency.
*The benefits of individual Mind-Body-Spirit connecting practices were discussed and suggestions
were made that when one is connected deeply to one's own body, one is simultaneously connected
more deeply to the Earth and to the present moment (where action is possible).
*An analogy was made of an individual to be rooted in one's own body as a tree in the earth for
optimum health/ resiliency.
*A comprehensive list/ resource /coalition of integrative health practices/ practitioners is deemed
important for community well-being.
*A suggestion was made that perhaps Boone could create and sustain a Holistic Healing Center/
A Healing Resort.
*Resources suggested: the book - "Healthy Organizations"

Action steps:
Identify a network of Integrative Health Practitioners and create a comprehensive list for public
Continue caring for ourselves and each other.
Practice sustainable and healthy living.
Support each other in our healthful living practices.
Be the change.

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