Monday, February 9, 2009

Housing, Neighborhoods, and Walkable Communities

Session Topic:
Housing, Neighborhoods, and Walkable Communities
Name of convener:
Kimberly Marland

more than fits in this box... J. Phoenix, K. McFadden, A. Burgess, J. Bond, R. Brantz, L. Mason,

Main points from the conversation:

Private Development or public initiatives?
Affordable housing needs and definition?
Model needed for non-profit land development for mixed housing
Boone's town government is restricted by State laws in funding, incentives, etc. for affordable
housing initiatives.
Town & Gown Committee important to work through issues of student housing and faculty/staff
housing needs.
Neighbors are important to community success.

Action steps:
Provide education opportunities for the public to learn about housing possibilities, federal and
state tax incentives for improving and building new energy efficient housing.
Create a variety of zoning possibilities for residential construction.
Recognize the importance of the human environment and caring.
Have a "Get to Know Your Neighbor Day" where everyone meets their neighbors.
Encourage reduction and reuse of construction waste to reduce amount dumped in the landfill.
Create an example of desireable high density single family housing in Boone as a showcase.
Evaluate setbacks, height req's, parking, landuse buffers, etc. in development requirements to
encourage better land use.
Encourage public input and opinion about potential housing options.
Explore a Watauga based manufactured housing business to produce a variety of well-built, energy
efficient, good looking housing options for area residents.
Be involved in the process. It won't happen by itself!

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