Monday, February 9, 2009

Creating Job Opportunities

Session Topic:
Creating Job Opportunities
Name of convener:
Virginia McCleod
Judi Scharns, Virginia McCleod, Kendall McDevitt, Karen Baughman, Kristen Cockerell

Main points from the conversation:
Brain stormed ideas for new jobs in Watauga.
Make Affordable Recyclable bags (maybe Watauga Opportunities)
Purple Piping link waste water to making clean drinking water. Link with Watauga RiverKeeper
Training for re-localization of food systems (food) teaching gardening
Expanding Service learning into community and for profit ASU and Watauga High.
(Watauga/High Country Corps. Employ coordinator
Policy coordinator for green jobs, remove barriers
Community Life coordinator for off campus housing (like dorm RA)
Affordable pet sitting/animal care
Resource Recovery - (10 jobs) Talk to legislators about barriers
Storage for Don't Throw it Away, expand the program off campus. Coordinator for RETHINK,
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Service to those in need.
Coordinate wiht Senior Center & other outreach organization like Social Services
Community Exchange/Community Money - Like Boone Bucks - Keep it local Include
Network and link farmer's and buyers Publications & Directories online sortable
Year round farmer's market
Affordable, quality childcare for all times of day.
In home Senior or single person health care and assistance.

Action steps:
Continue to explore what exists and develop plans to address areas of need.

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