Monday, February 9, 2009


Session Topic:
Name of convener:
Marsha Story
Marsha Story, Shannon Isaacs, Stephen Phillips, Loretta Clawson, Lisa Doty, Kendell McDevitt, Lexie Danner, Denise Grohs

Main points from the conversation:
Pasteboard containers @ green boxes in the county.
Pasteboard collection site inside the town limits or possible curbside pickup.
Pasteboard collection site at grocery store locations.
Grocery store deli containers be made of corn based materials or use #1 or #2 recyclables.
Reduction of plastic bag use
The possibility of banning plastic bags.

Action steps:
Reduce the use of plastic bags by:
Use reusable bags which can be purchased or hand made.
Approach legislation regarding plastic bag banning.
Train grocery store clerks to ask consumers if they've brought own bags or to use paper.
Ask grocery store chains to offer reusable bags as a reward incentive.
Involve elderly, churches, scouts troops, etc. in constructing usuable bags
Promote awareness by:
Puppet show to kids
Recycling literature be distributed through tax bills, ASU Meet & Greets, websites, water bills,
newspaper, MTN,and Community Bulletin Board
Clean Up competitions (sororities, fraternities, etc.)
Letter writing campaigns to local papers

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